Creamoire and StarLightMedia: cooperation for the sake of immortal values



Creamoire and StarLightMedia: cooperation for the sake of immortal values


The best desserts have sweetened the lives of creators of the most popular TV-shows in Ukraine. At the end of the last year TM Creamoire has become a sponsor of the Day of StarLightMedia, which was organized for the business partners and advertisers of the Media Group.

The event went beyond the regular financial report about the achievements of the Top TV-channels. Indeed, it is difficult to discuss business and perspectives of the entertaining channels during global crisis in the country. But for real professionals there is nothing impossible. And while someone is sitting out waiting for the improving of economical situation, StarLightMedia finds new opportunities for work.

According to the Media Group leaders’ statement, the most important thing about work of any production group is forming the values, setting up the guiding principles, an opportunity to show the viewers what is right and what is wrong. Namely with this purpose there were launched and will continue to develop such projects loved by everyone as ‘The Bachelor’, ‘Ukraine’s Next Top Model’, ‘Revizor’ and ‘Dobry Znak’.

Apart from entertaining the viewers, these TV shows have the additional target. ‘The Bachelor’ does not merely tell us that even the successful and rich young men have a hard time finding their unique and only one soul mate. Indeed, ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Ukraine’s Next Top Model’ are the shows, which underlying message is a realization of the chance of a lifetime. Everyone has an opportunity to live out a dream, but a result is on you.

A social orientation of ‘Revizor’ and ‘Dobry Znak’ projects is of great importance for the Ukrainians. ‘Revizor’ has already become a full-fledged brand which is even replicated – this is how much it has become loved by the compatriots. ‘Dobry Znak’ will continue the traditions of achieving a practical result, as an evidence of quality of production which one can look up to, one can trust.

The meeting of managers and producers of StarLightMedia with advertisers was held without a superfluous chic, which is inappropriate in the current political and economical situation. But the effective work is possible only in comfortable conditions. TM Creamoire took care of it.

The talks were conducted in the friendly atmosphere with the Creamoire desserts. A sweet Coffee Break was a nice opportunity to refresh oneself and to rest from large amount of information. Among those who took a chance and caught their dessert in time was Pavel Tayanovsky, Strategic Planning and Innovations Director of ‘Carat’ Media Agency. The table served with delicacies emptied just in the twinkling of an eye!

StarLightMedia launched a new broadcast season, while TM Creamoire continues working on new recipes. Together we can make life sweeter and happier during any crisis!