Chocolate is quite a symbol of a light, sparkling true life which is impossible to mortify with any restrictions. Giovanni Giacomo Casanova



Chocolate is quite a symbol of a light, sparkling true life which is impossible to mortify with any restrictions. Giovanni Giacomo Casanova

Chocolate is quite a symbol of a light, sparkling true life which is impossible to mortify with any restrictions.

 Giovanni Giacomo Casanova



Sometimes a new flavour is capable of presenting a feeling of absolute harmony around us. Then we realize how little we need to be happy – it is not always something complex, long awaited and material. More often – something simple. Such as chocolate, for instance.


It is not easy to recall any other product with such mysterious and ambiguous history. Originally, chocolate was consumed only in the liquid state. The beverage was quite viscous, bitter, prepared with adding of spices and fragrant herbs – like it was during the time of Christopher Columbus, the first European who delivered the cocoa fruits from the tropical America, where chocolate was the beverage of shamans and leaders of local tribes. At that time this novelty was not properly evaluated, and only after a century the Spanish general Fernando Cortes brought the mysterious cocoa beans to Europe again. An unknown delicacy of the Mexican tribes had a great success, all the noble courts commenced to drink it. The cost of chocolate was sky-high at that time, that’s why average people couldn’t even dream of tasting this new beverage.



However, after two hundred years chocolate houses became as popular as coffee houses. There appeared a special ceremony: to drink chocolate slowly and peacefully, enjoying the unusual flavour. Chocolate became not just one of the most popular delicacies, but a resource of good mood, reducing stress and depression, ‘energy supplier’ for a brain. At the end of 18th – beginning of 19th century a chocolate beverage was considered a panacea for hay fever, stomach diseases and many other illnesses. The scientists recognized useful even the aroma of chocolate. Its unique, soft fragrance familiar to everyone is comprised of almost 40 volatile compounds. There is no person who wouldn’t like the appetizing savour of chocolate.


Sometime after they began talking that chocolate is aphrodisiac, and people who consume it live a longer and happier life. Although no research has proved it yet, but we can say with confidence: had Cortes not brought the cocoa beans to Europe, the history would have been completely different. Well, maybe it is rather a bold statement.


It is very unlikely. There is no person who doesn’t like chocolate. Those who claim the opposite simply haven’t found their special flavour. Indeed, the assortment of chocolate impresses with its multiplicity: hot, black, white, milk, with pepper, cracker, nuts, fruits, etc. Even the most fastidious gourmet could choose something to their tasting. Especially interesting example of a chocolate delicacy is the famous French ‘fondant’ dessert. You have probably heard of it. For its rather short period of existence, fondant has made it into the world gastronomy history as a masterpiece of confectionary mastership. Fondant au chocolat (chocolate fondant) is a marvellous delicacy with the ropish chocolate filler spreading over your plate once you touch it with a spoon.


The origin of masterpieces is always enfolded in mystery and wild guesses. There is a legend that fondant was created due to the rush of a negligent confectioner who took the cupcake out of the oven too early. But is it possible that such a perfect dessert could come out by mistake? Fondant is not a plain dessert. It is an utter symphony which contains calm notes of century-old stories of chocolate accompanying with talents of true masters. Having tasted it once, you touch something greater, elevated, reveal your own secret which was kept by chocolate only for you.


We have preserved the classic formula of the French masterpiece in fondant Creamoire. And, perhaps, namely it will be a revelation of unexpected happiness of a new flavour which creates the absolute harmony around us. It may sound too luscious, but this is how the history of such magic product as chocolate shall be.