Our collection is added with new wonderful desserts - Trifle and Cheesecake.



Our collection is added with new wonderful desserts - Trifle and Cheesecake.

It is autumn. The days are colder and colder. We tend to take a favourite book, a warm plaid, a cup of tea or coffee, our favorite dessert and enjoy this isle of warmth and comfort, despite of the weather whims. The masters of TM ‘Cremoire’, who work hard days and nights to recreate the masterpieces of the world gastronomy, are glad to help you enjoy an autumn evening. After a long selection of the most worthy, there were chosen two legendary desserts, to which even few sweets opponents would hardly resist. So, let us introduce the new members of our sweet family – Cheesecake and Trifle.


You can hardly find a person who never heard about such a world celebrity among desserts as cheesecake. The USA is considered as the homeland of this popular dessert where it came from England. The ancient Greeks were indulged with the analogs of a modern cheesecake: with this delicacy they treated the Olympic athletes and guests at a wedding. Having reached the Ancient Rome, Julius Caesar took a fancy to this dessert, and is made obligatory to cook it in the noble houses. According to another version, cheesecake originates from the Middle East. Nowadays this exquisite dessert of the high society circles is available to everyone in its numerous variations.



Cheesecake is cooked from the Philadelphia or Mascarpone cheese, also using cream, sugar, eggs and fruits. The most delicate souffle made of these ingredients is put on the basis of the biscuit or sweet crackers. Although it doesn’t seem complex, it’s impossible to express the class of this marvelous dessert only by enumerating the ingredients. It is so tender that it awakens our fairy dreams which return us in the carefree childhood and give unforgettable feeling of flight into something light and joyful. If you still haven’t got an opportunity to taste it, we assure you – it’s worth it.


Our collection of desserts has been replenished with one more wonderful dessert – Trifle. This sweet guest is originally from England, the first mentioning of it goes as back as 1596. For the British people the trifle has become a national dish for the period of its existence. Despite its plain name, this dessert tastes just great. Unfortunately, the creator of this magnificent recipe remains unknown, but for the centuries of its victorious march along the kitchens, the trifle has changed, acquired additional components, and alike the fairytale Cinderella, evolved from being an invention of the medieval housewives into the masterpiece of a culinary art.



The name ‘trifle’ doesn't fit this dessert at all: based on the saturated biscuit dough, and the laying down gently as summer clouds cream from mascarpone cheese, with the tempting chocolate glaze – is definitely not a little thing. Of course, there are many recipes of the trifle which gives a possibility for imagination and experiments. That is why we have chosen the formulation which emphasizes a dainty origin of the dessert and displays the best traditions of the English restaurants. If you have a desire to travel, but you don’t have time – it is enough to take a trifle, a cup of tea, and you’ll find yourself in good old England, plunging into its peaceful charm, refinement and aristocracy acquired for centuries.


And this is only a beginning. The collection will be replenished with new culinary masterpieces for your pleasure.