“Your City” has the tonality of Creamoire



“Your City” has the tonality of Creamoire

ТМ Creamoire is a sponsor of presentation of the video of the popular Ukrainian duet “Anna-Maria” for the song “Your City”.


Your city – what is it like? For someone it is a fast pace and a daily fuss, for someone – an isle of piece where you always return to spend time with old friends, enjoy the warmth of home fire.


For sisters Anna and Maria the song and shooting of the video have become special. They created something close to everyone of us. Easy-to-remember lyrics, the melody which can be strummed on a guitar while sitting with friends in the park. The European style of the video has given the opportunity to demonstrate a new level of the girls’ creativity, a quality heartful work of the professionals.


Desserts of TM Creamoire are excellent complement to the story presented by the duet “Anna-Maria”. The European quality realized in the perfection of flavour is exactly why the guests of presentation relished the event. Imagine the perfect combination of the warm holiday atmosphere, harmony of voices and soft aftertaste of the dainty sweets.


“Made with heart”. Indeed, this is the right definition of the result of cooperation of “Anna-Maria” and TM Creamoire.