How we create the desserts

  • Naturalness

    The «Creamoire»’s desserts made exclusively from natural ingredients and contain only fresh fruit and cream, the Mascarpone cheese, natural coffee beans, the black chocolate Brut and etc. Generally in their composition we use only the high-quality components, and because of them you can appreciate the whole palette of tastes and take delight with the «Creamoire»’s desserts. 

  • Quality deserving europe

    The «Creamoire»’s desserts correspond to the highest standards qualities of food products (ISO 9001:2009), that you can treat yourself by the desserts which truly says have really European standard. The trademark «Creamoire» takes care about pleasure and supposes that it should be not only tasty, but also useful, that is why we perform keen control through all stages of production and we can guarantee the safety of life and health of all our products.

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Наше название не самое простое, как и наши десерты, поэтому нас часто могут искать так: Kremuar, Kreamore, Кремуар, Креаморе.