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Once upon a time on the annual fair in Moscow the craftsmen of the factory «Chigrinov» suddenly faced with the masters of confectionery art from Belgium. To tell the truth the Belgian masters were so impressed by the great zeal and fervor and hardworking of the Ukrainian specialists, that is why immediately appeared the idea of creating the unique, in your own way, brand of desserts which will include the masterpieces of the cookery schools in Europe.

On the world stage came brand which overmastered everyone from young to old by their exclusivity and elegance of the European desserts «Creamoire» in 2012. The collection includes the world-famous masterpieces of the confectionary art - Panna Cotta, Fondant, Tiramisù and starting from March, 2014, first in Ukraine goes the limited collection of the lean desserts.

All desserts are created with participation of the Belgian confectioners according to the exceptional recipe for your pleasure. We put our love and care to the desserts to make every moment of your life unforgettable.

«Life is too short
to leave dessert for later»

How many roles do we play every day! How many wonderful moments slip away in the stream of the noisy streets and city lights?

Sometimes we want to freeze for a minute, say “stop” to the whole world and devote the only one moment for yourself! Will dip into the fascinating world of the memories and dreams. The world where there is no place for vanity, where there is only you!

The trademark «Creamoire» represents the collection of refined and delicious European desserts which the destiny is to give delight and pleasure. Plunge into the captivating world of freedom and lightness! Be yourself, be real!

The world is not divided into the past and the future... Catch the moment, which you will remember with warmth and wait without patience. Share it with your family, friends, and share this time with «Creamoire»! The trademark «Creamoire» - the heavenly desserts for your soul!

The products of the trademark «Creamoire» answer for the highest requirements and the international quality standard ISO 9001:2009. Particularly the health and safety are the most important principles to us. That is why we carefully handpick all ingredients for our desserts so as to every moment of your pleasure was unforgettable.

The «Creamoire»’s desserts made exclusively from natural components, which was brought even in the most distant corners of Europe.

Our confectioners together with the Belgian masters turned into life all the world masterpieces of cookery art. Today we can treat yourself to the exquisite restaurant desserts as at home so at the office too. Never earlier the Italian and French desserts were so available!

Each piece of Tiramisu dessert we put with ours own hand, each fruit or berry Panna cotta’s desserts are carefully selected, so that you can enjoy the real European quality of our desserts.

Creamoire © 2014

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Наше название не самое простое, как и наши десерты, поэтому нас часто могут искать так: Kremuar, Kreamore, Кремуар, Креаморе.