«Life is too short
to leave dessert for later»

How many roles do we play every day! How many wonderful moments slip away in the stream of the noisy streets and city lights?

Sometimes we want to freeze for a minute, say “stop” to the whole world and devote the only one moment for yourself! Will dip into the fascinating world of the memories and dreams. The world where there is no place for vanity, where there is only you!

The trademark «Creamoire» represents the collection of refined and delicious European desserts which the destiny is to give delight and pleasure. Plunge into the captivating world of freedom and lightness! Be yourself, be real!

The world is not divided into the past and the future... Catch the moment, which you will remember with warmth and wait without patience. Share it with your family, friends, and share this time with «Creamoire»! The trademark «Creamoire» - the heavenly desserts for your soul!